About the Daily Office

The Daily Office, rooted in the Jewish tradition of fixed daily prayer, has been adapted by Christians over the centuries. Monastics in the Benedictine tradition deserve most of the credit for integrating the Daily Office into Christian daily life.

Traditionally, the Daily Office (Western church practice) consisted of praying seven times a day starting with Vespers at sunset. We’ve adapted these prayers to work well within the parameters of Twitter and the hardware through which it’s available (e.g., laptop, mobile device, desktop computer).

Each office includes some or all of the following: opening prayer, psalm(s), reading from scripture, petitions, the Lord’s Prayer (“Our Father”), collect, and closing benediction. We follow the traditional church calendar and the Revised Common Lectionary.
Night Prayer (Compline): Sunday-Saturday at 9:00/9:30 PM ET
We invite you to join us whenever you are able — don’t worry about time zones!

Whether you’ve prayed the Daily Office for years or are new to this tradition, we hope these times of prayer will enhance your spiritual life.