January 3, 2012

2012: Gazing Back and Looking Forward

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Prayer endures. God never changes. People? It's always something and we've had plenty of something this past year. For this year's State of the Virtual Abbey post I'm making a good faith attempt to: "Look back but don't stare."

Simply put, we experienced major losses this year when long-term, much-loved community members went on hiatus from the Prayer Team. All reasons for taking time-out made total sense and we bid them adieu with as much grace as we could muster. We welcomed new people, who always show up in the fullness of just-in-time.

We also did some much-needed re-configuring and rescheduling. Brenda Keller (@BrendaAKeller) took on the blog and is keeping it simple so we can focus on our core purpose: offering prayer via Twitter. In September, we returned to offering Compline only for the foreseeable future. Want this to be different? Let us know and volunteer to help tweet it!

Did we have any fun? Of course! Conversational antics in between times of prayer continued on Twitter. All are always welcome to butt right in. Most of the current Prayer Team showed up in real life (IRL) to attend my wedding to The Rev. Canon Dan Webster (@RevWeb) on November 11.  Lots of fun for all involved, including those tweeting from home.

The future? We're probably due for another round of deciding if we want to continue with the Abbess/Abbott structure and who should be in that role. Seems we engage in this conversation during Lent. God only knows what else will end up on our agenda for 2012. Whatever comes our way will be handled with prayer and love on Twitter. Thanks be to God!

Pax max,

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