September 26, 2011

Behold Our Schedule Change

Never a dull moment around this virtual community. We always seem to be going through some kind of discernment process and transition. I think this simply underscores that we're a spiritual community anchored in prayer in our personal lives and on Twitter.

We've just come through another growth period which, if you read this blog, probably saw coming. Over the past two weeks we've exchanged many heartfelt emails, direct messages on Twitter (of course!), and had phone conversations.

What started out being about our prayer schedule, became a deeper, important, and necessary conversation. How did @Virtual_Abbey begin? How have we grown? Which changes have served, supported, and nurtured community? What very real challenges do we butt up against as 21st century believers using 21st century technology to sustain an ancient practice?

We turned to one another, we turned inward, and of course we turned to God for answers and decided to take a break from offering Matins (Morning Prayer) and return to offering daily Compline (Night Prayer) only at least through the end of Ordinary Time. For the health of our prayer team, we've agreed to revisit assignments and preferences before each change of liturgical season.

So there you have it -- a peek behind the scenes to see real people involved in creating and sustaining virtual community for the real love of Christ Risen. Thanks be to God!

Pax max,

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