July 27, 2011

Business Matters

First of all, a HUGE welcome to our newest followers!!! We're so glad you're here!

Here's a list of ways to stay connected.

On Twitter: @Virtual_Abbey
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/virtualabbey

We've just started experimenting with Google+ so look for more information in the future.

Coming soon to the blog: Visions. If you're a photographer and have a picture depicting God in your life, work, church, play, garden, nature, whatever, we would love to see it and possibly use in an upcoming post. Proper credit will be given within the post and featured on our Facebook page. Email photos to the virtual.abbey@gmail.com.

And, as always, it remains our mission to pray parts of The Daily Office together every day. We hope you'll join us!

#PBWY (Peace be with you)


Anonymous said...

Is there some kind of limit on followers via Twitter? I seem to be unable to follow your Tweets.

Meredith Gould said...

No, there's no limit on followers that we know of. There's a possibility that you may have inadvertently been blocked. Please contact us using your real name and we'll see if that has been the unfortunate case.

Robert Harris said...

Excellent! I was worried I had been excommunicated from the Abbey before I even entered the grounds. I am in the US, if that makes any difference. I get the following message "Your account may not be allowed to perform this action. Try logging out and in again."

Many thanks!