April 12, 2011

From the Annals of Midday Prayer

Do you always feel like attending and participating in prayer? I surely do not and this can be challenging, what with being on the prayer team plus serving as Abbess for our virtual community. But I’m committed to praying the Daily Office, in great part because of its structure.

I thank God that prayer times and actual prayers for the Daily Office are more-rather-than-less set. I need this framework when my mind is bouncing around in my brain which, in turn, is oscillating in my skull. Last Friday was one of those days. In case you don’t follow my hysterical (as in crazed rather than hilarious) tweets, here’s the backstory.

On April 8, my accountant of 26 years had a major meltdown about tax info I’d provided at the beginning of February. He’s always been a bit “edgy,” but this explosion was way out of the normal zone.  My blood literally ran cold when said he was sending back my stuff. “You live in Maryland now, get an accountant there.”  (Note: This is a very cleaned up version.)

So what does this have to do with prayer?

It was 11:45 am by the time I finished my crying jag. Did I want to tweet Sext at 12:15? Nope. Did I do it anyway? Yep. And while I didn’t tweet “LOL” while leading prayer, that’s what happened when I realized Psalm 17: 1-9 was part of the Midday Service.

And so, it was with no shortage of amazement and eye-rolling that I tweeted:
As for the deeds of men — by the words of your lips I have kept myself from the ways of the violent.
Can’t make this stuff up. Thanks be to God.

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