February 23, 2011

Review: NIV Bible App Download (Free until 2/28)

Sue Tanida is both a Christian and a lifelong intuitive. Her blog, Angelic Insights, is about angels, animals, and God’s love for all of us.

Quick, while it's still available for free, check out the Bible App™! You’ll be able to download the 2010 New International Version (NIV) Bible translation to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device through the end of February for free. This app makes the complete text available even when one is not connected to the internet.
The details on how to download this translation can be found at this link.
Prefer another translation? You can also download the New American Standard Bible (NASB) and Amplified Bible (AMP) to your device, for free, through May 31, 2011. There are many other versions accessible through the app, but you'll need an Internet connection to look up passages in them.
I really appreciate this app as it allows me to easily look up a reference for a verse from which I only remember a phrase. I also enjoy comparing the same passage in different translations. Sometimes I’ll write down the same verse in a more traditional and a more modern iteration after looking them up to enhance my practice of lectio divina.

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Brenda said...

This is fabulous! Thanks for the heads up, Sue!