December 17, 2010

Review: Welcoming Prayer (Online Retreat)

Sue Tanida (@angelicinsights) is a Christian and a lifelong intuitive. Her blog, Angelic Insights is about angels, animals and God’s love for all of us.

I recently took an "online retreat" on the practice of Welcoming Prayer jointly sponsored by Spirituality&Practice and Contemplative Outreach. The course was aptly subtitled, "Consent on the Go."

Welcoming Prayer consciously invites the action of the Holy Spirit as Divine Therapist to transcend ego-centered reactivity to feelings and events, and to gradually transform us from within. We are consenting "on the go" to God’s activity in our lives.

This practice has proven very helpful for dealing with stress and life's challenges. Was I getting irritated in traffic? Welcome the Holy Spirit. Feeling back pain? Welcome the Holy Spirit. Over and over during the month-long online retreat, Welcoming Prayer brought me to a quiet sense that no matter what, God is here and is working behind the scenes – something I’ve believed intellectually, but now feel in my bones.

I recommend both the course, which can be taken "on demand" via email, and the practice, which nicely complements the Daily Office and other prayer practices since it doesn’t take “extra time” to do and quickly becomes a habit of inviting God into our day, something we Christians should be doing anyway!

Course link: Welcoming Prayer: Consent on the Go and PDF description of the practice here.

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