September 24, 2010

Book Review: Compass Points: Meeting God Every Day

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This review is by Sue Tanida who, in the interest of full disclosure, wants readers to know she won a copy of Margaret Silf's book in a drawing over at People for Others.

Margaret Silf
Loyola Press (2009)

In introduction to her book, the Margaret Silf writes, “God is in the light and the shadows of our experience, in what we rejoice in and in what we grieve over.”

I have always struggled with the idea that God is ever present, just and loving. How is it fair or loving that there are crib deaths, pediatric cancers, or devastating mental illnesses? What about evil? What about suffering? Yet still, I believe.

This book is comforting. Silf writes eloquently and succinctly about her experience of God in the midst of life. Sometimes life is joyful; sometimes painful. I confess that I want to run away from the pain. But these stories, all of which can be read in five minutes or less, help me re-focus upon God’s presence, and help me to not flee from the pain of life — at least not as often or as far.

She writes, “God encounters multiply when they are shared, like seeds falling on fertile ground.” I am grateful that Silf has chosen to share her God encounters via the printed word, so I can be more aware of my own God encounters. I hope that you find this book, and others she has written, a comfort and inspiration.

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claire said...

Thank you for pointing out this new book. I have read several of Margaret Silf's books, follow her column in America Magazine. She is great!