August 28, 2010

Review: Lectionary App (free this weekend!)

Sue Tanida is both a Christian and a lifelong intuitive. Her blog, Angelic Insights, is about angels, animals, and God’s love for all of us.

Through Sunday, August 29, 2010, the developer of the iPod/iPhone app Lectionary, is offering this app for free. He just issued a new version that fixes a “bug” that somehow eliminated Gospel readings in the previous version. The program includes scripture passages from the The Revised Common Lectionary for each Sunday, as well as the usual "collect" from the Book of Common Prayer.

The Revised Common Lectionary
is how many mainstream Protestant churches (e.g., Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian) cycle through scripture readings during church services. Considering the diversity of Christian denominations, I personally find it to be a unifying factor that people all over the world are studying the same passages each week.

There's also an “in app” purchase option for $1.99 that adds scripture associated with the Daily Office for that day. For those of you who have grown to love the Daily Office through the Virtual Abbey, I encourage you to take advantage of this so you can conveniently read the passages for each day on the convenience of your iPod or iPhone. This particular app does not work on the iPad; there is a separate app developed for the iPad, which is not free this weekend.

Finally, I recommend a completely separate and complementary app – the iBCP, which is an electronic version of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. I have this app as well, available for $4.99, and it's a convenient way to carry the prayer book with me. Its selling point to over-40 me: the ability to adjust the type font size so that it can be comfortably read, even on the tiny screen.

I encourage you to explore these apps as a 21st century way to make the Daily Office and its associated scriptures an easily portable, easy-to-use part of your life.

Editor's note: Remember, you can access prayers with us using the Fast Follow function and getting text messages delivered to your mobile phone.


rev maria said...

Thanks for this review. I have downloaded the lectionary app which I expect will make my life much easier - no more carrying a separate calendar to see what the readings are for any given Sunday.

Sue said...

You're very welcome! I like to preview the readings for Sunday so they can "sink in" more after percolating for a bit.