March 6, 2010

The Daily Office: Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc and then?

Posted by our editor, Meredith Gould, in an attempt to lighten up the current discourse.

We were waiting for the littles to leave the sanctuary after Passion play practice. (Jesus seemed to be taking a long time looking for his sneakers.) Chit chat among the adults.

So how many offices are there? What are they called? Well, there's Vespers in the evening and Compline at the end of the day. Matins ─ or is it Lauds─ in the morning.

The Rector offered to check it out and then shot me a look. I've grown accustomed to priests and deacons shooting me looks. Like I can remember all the hours and in their correct order? "Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc..."

He laughed, I laughed, we all laughed and then settled down to pray the Invitatory for Compline:

"O God, come to my assistance."
"O God, make haste to help us."

Perfect or what? God is good.

At the Virtual Abbey, we currently pray Night Prayer and sometimes Evening Prayer. If you want to join the team so that we can offer Morning Prayer, please send us a direct message (DM) via Twitter: @Virtual_Abbey. Meanwhile, here are the traditional hours of the Divine Office (Western church practice):

  1. Matins (Office of Readings)
  2. Lauds (Morning Prayer)
  3. Terce (Mid-morning Prayer)
  4. Sext (Midday Prayer)
  5. None (Midafternoon Prayer)
  6. Vespers (Evening Prayer)
  7. Compline (Night Prayer)

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