February 20, 2010

Do We Have a Patron Saint?

Meredith Gould, editor of this blog, provides more evidence of her multiple spirituality disorder at her personal blog, More Meredith Gould.

Haven't yet mentioned this to the Abbess or anyone who tweets the Daily Office* but I think our community ought to embrace a patron saint. Since "we believe spiritual life transcends boundaries of time and place," I feel perfectly comfortable launching my suggestion directly into cyberspace for all participants to see.

Yes, of course I have a suggestion. And yes, of course I'm going to suggest my personal favorite: the Archangel Gabriel. I've had a thing for this holy messenger of God for ages upon ages. But even if I didn't, I'd still nominate the divine entity I affectionately refer to as the Patron Saint of Blabbermouths.

Anyone else agree with me on this? If not, let the other nominations roll in.

Meanwhile, I feel confident that we can all agree The Virtual Abbey already has a totem.

* And freaks out over Twitter snafus.


Urban Monk said...

Awesome! I was just praying about choosing a patron saint for myself. I will be praying for you decision making process.

Brenda Finkle said...

LOL - the totem, nice hysterical touch. You, friend have a wicked sense of humor!

I have to admit I am woefully unaware of the saints - I will have to do some studying. I do, however, know of Gabriel - the bearer of good news! Very appropriate.

Raima said...

Aha - so THIS is how we have community meetings in the Virtual Abbey, eh?? LOL.

I have no idea whether we should have a patron saint or not, or if Gabriel should be the one, but you are spot on regarding our totem. :)

Meredith Gould said...

Brenda, I'm shocked! You don't knw from saints? Lutherans have a sanctoral cycle (fancy talk for saints' birthdays throughout the liturgical calendar). Is it because you didn't have statues? Wait. How's that an excuse? No statues in synagogues either!!!

Meredith Gould said...

This comment arrived via email from MARILYN DUBAS:

My patron Saint is the Little Flower (St. Theresa of Lisieux). I found my husband through her intercession.

I had a vision of a great bright light and the Lord said He had someone he wanted me to take care of. I said, "who Lord?" He said, "You will know"

When I went to the dance hall a gentleman with a blue shirt with red roses came and stood in front of me. The roses were stem up in the pattern with the rose buds down. I went home and prayed to the Lord about it and told the Lord that I would go to a different dance hall the following week and if this same man came back wearing the same shirt to a different dance hall and be a jack of all trades, I would believe that God had sent him.

It happened exactly that way and so began our courtship 23 years ago. I have put the little Flowers picture on my gravestone too.

Sue said...

Wow--re Marilyn's comment. I just love St. Therese the little flower. Such a gentle soul, such simple yet fervent faith, a true inspiration.

I do believe that Archangel Gabriel is a good patron saint for writers/communicators, but I would like to nominate Hildegard of Bingen. (Don't know if she's officially a saint for the RC church, but she is part of our Episcopalian sanctoral cycle).

Why Hildegard? Because she was so multi-faceted. She was a mystic, and she was practical. She knew herbs and healing. She channeled grace through her visions and music and writing. I think of her as a role model in one person, for what we can be as a community.