July 17, 2012

Pray When the Spirit Says Pray!

Our Music Director (@Rob_Mus) is also a member of our prayer team. He quotes a Spiritual to call our attention to a revival of sorts.

You've probably noticed that shortly after Pentecost, prayers from @Virtual_Abbey started showing up again on Twitter.

As our Abbess noted back in March, at the beginning of Lent, many members of our prayer team were in “advanced burnout mode.” As a prayer team member, I can confirm this was very true! 

As we began to emerge from the Easter season, some of us felt moved to begin tweeting prayers again. Oddly, several of us got into prayer-tweeting mode at the same time. (Maybe not so odd, this is the Holy Spirit we are talking about!)

As always, this prompted a discussion behind the scenes. We asked each other lots of questions:
  • Do we want to go back to a strict schedule?
  • Do we have the physical and psychic energy to do so?
  • Is it OK to have an irregular schedule?
  • If so, do we need to agree to who tweets when?
  • Is it OK for each of us to tweet when the Spirit moves us?
We decided, for now, at least:
  • It’s OK to tweet as the Spirit calls us.
  •  We will always tweet the proper office for time of day we are called to tweet.

And we discovered that the Spirit is a pretty good scheduler. Only once or twice have two people felt called to tweet on the same night.  Even then, the Spirit advised us to look before tweeting.  You've probably noticed mostly Morning and Compline prayers, but occasionally there have been Noonday or Vesper tweets.    

Once again we invite you to join us in prayer. And if you feel so moved, we welcome your participation in the life of @Virtual_Abbey. If you would like to lead prayers, or participate in another way, contact us by:

May we always:
Sing when the Spirit says Sing, and Pray when the Spirit says Pray! Amen.

Image: Taking Flight, a Pentecost installation of St Paul's Episcopal Church in Greenville, North Carolina.  Found at Episcopal Church & Visual Arts.

April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

He is Risen Indeed!

And we're on (indefinite) sabbatical, 
but you may still contact us on 
Twitter by pinging @Virtual_Abbey.

March 27, 2012

Book Review: The Love of Eternal Wisdom

by Sue Tanida ( @angelicinsights )

This Lenten season, I have been finding spiritual nourishment through a book called The Love of Eternal Wisdom: A Revisioning of Saint Louis DeMontfort's Contemplation on Divine Wisdom by Rabbi Rami Shapiro.  Yes, you read that right--by a Rabbi.

As someone who studied the French language for many years, it has always made sense to me that certain words are masculine and others are feminine--and they have nothing to do with physical gender.  In the French language, Wisdom is feminine. 

I love the language that Rabbi Shapiro evokes in his "revisioning"--not a translation, but a sharing of what the Rabbi hears when he reads the text itself.  As Rabbi Shapiro says in his introduction (page vii):

I remain true to the original. Wisdom is a "woman," God's Daughter, the feminine divine so clearly revealed in the bibilical books of Proverbs, Sirach, and the Wisdom of Solomon.  I also remain true to De Montfort's love of Jesus as the human incarnation of Wisdom, and to his devotion to Mary as the ever-recurring presence of Wisdom on earth and in heaven.
It reminds me of Dame Julian of Norwich, whose Divine Revelations proclaim that Jesus is Mother.  This thin tome bridges the Old Testament Wisdom and the New Testament Jesus in a refreshing way:

156. Second, Jesus died not for saints but for sinners.
Wisdom incarnated not on behalf of the powerful,
but on behalf of the powerless.

I recommend this book as a way to expand your mind and heart about the nature of Jesus and of Wisdom. One does not have to believe in a "goddess" or go outside of Christian tradition to explore the divine feminine--it can be found in a male body, in the form of Jesus.  I find this a fascinating realization--and one that resonates with me.

The book is available for a $5 donation, postage paid, from Wisdom House, 229 E. Litchfield Road, Litchfield, CT 06759.  You can email Sister Rosemarie Greco at rg@wisdomhouse.org to order and send a check.